Bedaine Urbaine provides consulting and customized services for prospective and new parents. Our primary role is to listen, advise and support you, before and during your pregnancy, or, to enlighten you when baby arrives.

As the first baby planning consulting agency in Québec, we offer you the support you need. Your child is unique, and so are your concerns and needs. This is why we offer customized services to meet all your expectations.


 What can Bedaine Urbaine do for you?

  • Inform mom on the choice of essential equipment;
  • Allow the family to have a good night sleep;
  • Help mom and baby to go green;
  • Find the help you need to organize your baby events;
  • Concierge services for the best places to find everything you need;
  • As well as navigating all the other little problems you may encounter in your new life as young parents.

Our areas of service

  • Preparation and planning for baby’s arrival;
  • The importance of sleep and how to get create good habits;
  • Making smart and informed choices when creating your baby registery;
  • Going green for mom and baby;
  • How to control stress and simplify your return to work;
  • Organizing baby showers and all types of maternity events.

What is a baby planner?


A baby planner is someone who works in an objective manner and that offers support to new and expectant parents in need. The baby planner determines the type of services and products that are critical for pregnant women and young parents, and tailors her services according to their lifestyle. The baby planner has the resources that will fit your needs using a personalizad and competent approach. The Baby Planner is committed to finding and informing parents about all options available, both before and during pregnancy, and after the baby arrives, all they way to the preschool age.

Bedaine Urbain is a qualified consultant, certified by the International Academy of Baby Planner, with general knowledge about birth, sleep difficulties, the health of the pregnant woman and baby, prenatal and postnatal exercise, green options, baby’s safety, stress management and returning to work, products and baby accessories that are best suited for your family, organizing events such as baby showers or baby moons and more . Your baby planner is available to answer all your questions about motherhood and its most difficult moments.


Who needs a baby planner?

  • Parents looking for support and a personalized service to meet their specific needs;
  • Parents overwhelmed, stressed or that don’t know where to turn for help;
  • Relatives abroad who do not enjoy close family support;
  • Parents who have children at home;
  • Parents who are waiting for a multiple delivery (twins, triplets, …);
  • Single-parent moms;
  • Parents curious to learn more about this new adventure;
  • Moms on bed- rest;
  • Adoptive parents who need support;
  • Prospective parents who are having trouble conceiving.

Why a baby planner?


To save time, money and reduce stress!

New parents can spend more than a hundred hours learning and preparing for their baby. Why not take advantage of those precious moments to relax, discuss the future with dad first, take a long walk or just enjoy life?

The world of motherhood and babies is constantly growing. It is very easy to get lost. We are experts in this field, so let us guide you. We will save you time, money, and more while meeting your specific requirements.


Your baby planner is not a doctor


Our expertise is that of baby planning. It is illegal for your baby planner to diagnose, treat or prescribe medications. Our experience can help you, but we are not doctors. Before undertaking a new activity, a new eating plan or any activity that may harm your health or the health of your baby, first consult your doctor. In an emergency, call 911.

The concierge service is available at all times. We have many resources in several areas relevant to mothers and children. We will be happy to refer you to the right place in no time.


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